Prelutsky, Jack

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PRELUTSKY, Jack. American, b. 1940. Genres: Children's fiction, Poetry, Translations. Career: Full-time writer. Has worked as store assistant, cab driver, bus boy, photographer, furniture mover, potter, folksinger and actor. Publications: POEMS: A Gopher in the Gardens and Other Animal Poems, 1967; Lazy Blackbird and Other Verses, 1969; Three Saxon Nobles and Other Verses, 1969; The Terrible Tiger, 1969; Toucans Two and Other Poems, 1971; Circus, 1974; The Pack Rats's Day and Other Poems, 1974; Nightmares: Poems to Trouble Your Sleep, 1976; It's Halloween Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, 4 vols, 1977-83; The Snopp on the Sidewalk and Other Poems, 1977; The Mean Old Mean Hyena, 1978; The Queen of Eene, 1978; The Headless Horseman Rides Tonight: More Poems to Trouble Your Sleep, 1980; Rainy Day Saturday, 1980; Rolling Harvey down the Hill, 1980; The Sheriff of Rottenshot, 1982; Kermit's Garden of Verses, 1982; The Baby Uggs Are Hatching, 1982; The Random House Book of Poetry for Children, 1983; It's Snowing! It's Snowing!, 1984; What I Did Last Summer, 1984; New Kid on the Block, 1984; My Parents Think I'm Sleeping, 1985; Ride a Purple Pelican, 1986; Tyrannosaurus Was a Beast, 1988; Beneath a Blue Umbrella, 1990; Something Big Has Been Here, 1990; (comp.) For Laughing Out Loud: More Poems to Tickle Your Funnybone, 1991; Twickham Tweer, 1991; There'll Be a Slight Delay and Other Poems for Grown Ups, 1991; Sweet and Silly Muppet Poems, 1992; The Dragons Are Singing Tonight, 1993; A. Nonny Mouse Writes Again, 1993; Monday's Troll, 1996; A Pizza the Size of the Sun, 1996; (ed.) Beauty of the Beast, 1997; (ed.) Imagine That: Poems of Never-Was, 1998; (with Dr. Seuss and L. Smith) Hooray for Diffendoffer Day, 1998; Dog Days, 1999; Gargoyle on the Roof, 1999; (comp.) 20th Century Children's Poetry Treasury, 1999; It's Raining Pigs and Noodles, 2000; Awful Ogre's Awful Day, 2000; The Frogs Wore Red Suspenders, 2002; Halloween Countdown, 2002; Scranimals, 2002; The Wild Witches' Ball, 2004; If not for the Cat, 2004. TRANSLATIONS: The Bad Bear, 1967; No End of Nonsense, 1968. Address: c/o Greenwillow Books/HarperCollins Author Mail, 10 E 53rd St 7th Fl, New York, NY 10022, U.S.A.