Pohl, Frederik

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POHL, Frederik

POHL, Frederik. American, b. 1919. Genres: Novels, Novellas/Short stories, Science fiction/Fantasy, Adult non-fiction, History, Sciences. Career: Member of the Council, 1976-84, and Midwest Representative to Council, 1984-, Author's Guild. Book Ed. and Associate Circulation Manager, Popular Science Publ. Co., NYC, 1946-49; literary agent, NYC, 1949-53; Ed., Galaxy Publishing Co., NYC, 1960-69; Executive Ed., Ace Books, NYC, 1971-72; Science Fiction Ed., Bantam Books, NYC, 1973-79. President, Science Fiction Writers of America, 1974-76; President, World SF, 1980-82. Publications: (with C.M. Kornbluth) The Space Merchants, 1953; (with C.M. Kornbluth) Search the Sky, 1954; (with J. Williamson) Undersea Quest, 1954; (with C.M. Kornbluth) A Town Is Drowning, 1955; (with C.M. Kornbluth) Gladiator-at-Law, 1955; Alternating Currents (short stories), 1956; (with C.M. Kornbluth) Presidential Year, 1956; (with J. Williamson) Undersea Fleet, 1956; Slave Ship, 1957; Edge of the City, 1957; The Case against Tomorrow, 1957; (with J. Williamson) Undersea City, 1958; Tomorrow Times Seven, 1959; (with C.M. Kornbluth) Wolfbane, 1959; Drunkard's Walk, 1960, rev. ed., 1961; The Man Who Ate the World, 1960; Turn Left at Thursday (short stories), 1961; (with C.M. Kornbluth) The Wonder Effect, 1962; A Plague of Pythons, 1963, rev. ed. as Demon in the Skull, 1984; The Abominable Earthman, 1963; (with J. Williamson) The Reefs of Space, 1964; (with J. Williamson) Starchild, 1965; The Frederik Pohl Omnibus, 1966; Digits and Dastards, 1968; The Age of Pussyfoot, 1969; (with J. Williamson) Rogue Star, 1969; Day Million (short stories), 1970; Practical Politics 1972, 1971; Man Plus, 1977; Gateway, 1978; Jem, 1979; Beyond the Blue Event Horizon, 1980; The Cool War, 1981; Syzygy, 1982; Starburst, 1982; (with J. Williamson) Wall around a Star, 1983; Midas World, 1983; Heechee Rendezvous, 1984; The Years of the City, 1984; Black Star Rising, 1985; The Coming of the Quantum Cats, 1986; Chernobyl, 1987; The Annals of the Heechee, 1987; Narabedla Ltd., 1988; (with J. Williamson) Land's End, 1988; The Day the Martians Came, 1988; Homegoing, 1989; The World at the End of Time, 1990; The Gateway Trip, 1990; Outnumbering the Dead, 1991; (with J. Williamson) The Singers of Time, 1991; (with I. Asimov) Our Angry Earth, 1991; Mining the Oort, 1992; (with T. Thomas) Mars Plus, 1993; The Voices of Heaven, 1993; Stopping at Slowyear, 1994; The Other End of Time, 1996; Siege of Eternity, 1997; O Pioneer, 1998; Far Shore of Time, 1999; Chasing Science, 2000. EDITOR: Beyond the End of Time, 1952; Star Science Fiction Stories, 3 vols., 1953-54; Assignment in Tomorrow, 1954; Star Short Novels, 1954; Star of Stars, 1960; The Expert Dreamers, 1962; Time Waits for Winthrop and Other Short Novels, 1962; The Seventh Galaxy Reader, 1964; Star Fourteen, 1966; The If Reader of Science Fiction, 1966; Nightmare Age, 1970; (with C. Pohl) Science Fiction: The Great Years, 1974; (with E.A. Hull) Tales from the Planet Earth, 1986; SFWA Grand Masters, 1999. Address: 855 S Harvard Dr, Palatine, IL 60067, U.S.A.