Plano, Jack Charles

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PLANO, Jack Charles

PLANO, Jack Charles. American, b. 1921. Genres: Institutions/ Organizations, International relations/Current affairs, Autobiography/ Memoirs. Career: Professor Emeritus of Political Science, 1987-2002, and Ed. of New Issues Press, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo (Professor, 1952-87; Chairman, 1979-85). Managing Ed., Personality Press, 1990-97. Visiting Fellow, University of Sussex, Brighton, 1971-72. Publications: The United Nations and the India-Pakistan Dispute, 1966; (with M. Greenberg) The American Political Dictionary, 1962, 11th ed., 2002; (with R.E. Riggs) Forging World Order, 1967, 1971; (with L. Ziring and R. Olton) The International Relations Dictionary, 1969, 5th ed., 1996; (with R.E. Riggs) Dictionary of Political Analysis, 1973, rev. ed.(with R. E. Riggs and H. S. Robin), 1982; (with M. Greenberg, R. Olton, and R.E. Riggs) Political Science Dictionary, 1973; International Approaches to the Problems of Marine Pollution; (with E.E. Rossi) The Latin American Political Dictionary, 1980; 2nd ed., 1993; (with R. Chandler) The Public Administration Dictionary, 1982; (with L. Ziring and R.E. Riggs) The United Nations, 1988, 3rd ed., 2000; Fishhooks, Apples and Outhouses: Memories of the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s, 1990; Life in the Educational Trenches, 1992; Pulling the Weeds and Watering the Flowers, 1993. Died 2002.