Pipes, Richard

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PIPES, Richard

PIPES, Richard. American (born Poland), b. 1923. Genres: History, Intellectual history, International relations/Current affairs, Politics/Government. Career: Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, faculty member, 1950-, professor of history, 1958-75, Russian Research Center, associate director, 1962- 64, director, 1968-73, Frank B. Baird Jr. Professor of History, 1975-96, Frank B. Baird Jr. Professor of History Emeritus, 1996-. Stanford Research Institute, senior consultant, 1973-78; Central Intelligence Agency's "Team B," chairman, 1976; Executive Committee of the Committee on the Present Danger, member, 1977-92; Reagan Transition Team, Dept of State, member, 1980; East European and Soviet Affairs, National Security Council, director, 1981-82; U.S.-Soviet Relations Task Force, Dole for President Campaign, director, 1988; trial of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Russian Constitutional Court, expert, 1992. Publications: Formation of the Soviet Union, 1954; Karamzin's Memoir on Ancient and Modern Russia, 1959; Social Democracy and the St. Petersburg Labor Movement, 1963; Europe since 1815, 1970; Struve, Liberal on the Left, 1870-1905, 1970; (with J.H. Hexter and A. Molho) Europe since 1500, 1971; International Negotiation, 1972; Russia under the Old Regime, 1974; Struve, Liberal on the Right, 1905-1944, 1980; U.S.-Soviet Relations in the Era of Detente, 1981; Survival Is Not Enough, 1984; Russia Observed, 1989; The Russian Revolution, 1990; Russia under the Bolshevik Regime, 1990; Communism, the Vanished Specter, 1993; A Concise History of the Russian Revolution, 1996; Three Whys of the Russian Revolution, 1997; Property and Freedom, 1999; Communism: A History, 2001; The Degaev Affair, 2003; Vixi: The Memoir of a Non-Belonger, 2003. EDITOR: The Russian Intelligensia, 1961; Revolutionary Russia, 1968; P.B. Struve, Collected Works, 1970; Soviet Strategy in Europe, 1976; (with D. Brandenberger) The Unknown Lenin, 1996. Address: 17 Berkeley St., Cambridge, MA 02138, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]