Pilling, Ann

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PILLING, Ann. Also writes as Ann Cheetham. British, b. 1944. Genres: Novels, Children's fiction, Novellas/Short stories. Career: Secondary schools, English teacher; publications officer, Federation of Children's Book Groups, 1978-81. Publications: FOR CHILDREN: The Year of the Worm, 1984; Henry's Leg, 1985; The Friday Parcel, 1986; No Guns, No Oranges, 1986; (ed., with Anne Wood) Our Best Stories, 1986; The Big Pink, 1987; The Beast in the Basement, 1988; Dustbin Charlie, 1988; On the Lion's Side, 1988; Stan, 1988; The Big Biscuit, 1989; The Jungle Sale, 1989; Our Kid, 1989; Getting Rid of Aunt Mildred, 1990; The Donkey's Day Out, 1990; Before I Go to Sleep, 1990; The Boy with His Leg in the Air, 1991; Dustbin Charlie Cleans Up; Mother's Daily Scream; Vote for Baz, 1992; The Kingfisher Children's Bible, 1993; Realms of Gold, 1993; The Baked Bean Kids, 1993; Creation Stories, 1997. FOR ADULTS: A Broken Path, 1991; Considering Helen, 1993. GHOST NOVELS AS ANN CHEETHAM: Black Harvest, 1983; The Beggar's Curse, 1984; The Witch of Lagg, 1986; The Pit, 1987; The Empty Frame, 1997. Address: 22 Norham Gardens, Oxford OX2 6QD, England.