Petrified Forest

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Petrified Forest ★★★ 1936

Writer Alan Squier (Howard) is hitchhiking through the Arizona desert when he stops at a run-down gas station/diner run by Maple (Hall) and his daughter Gabrielle (Davis). Once an idealist, Alan now feels he has little to live for, which may explain his attitude when the diner patrons and employees are held hostage by on the lam gangster Duke Mantee (Bogart) and his boys. Often gripping, with memorable performances from Davis, Howard, and Bogart. Based on the play by Robert Sherwood with Howard and Bogart recreating their stage roles. 83m/B VHS, DVD . Bette Davis, Leslie Howard, Humphrey Bogart, Dick Foran, Charley Grapewin, Porter Hall, Genevieve Tobin, Joseph (Joe) Sawyer; D: Archie Mayo; W: Delmer Daves; C: Sol Polito; M: Bernhard Kaun.

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