Peacock, (Sir) Alan (Turner)

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PEACOCK, (Sir) Alan (Turner)

PEACOCK, (Sir) Alan (Turner). British, b. 1922. Genres: Economics, Education, Music. Career: London School of Economics, lecturer in economics, 1948-51, reader in public finance, 1951-56; University of Edinburgh, professor of economic science, 1956-62; University of York, professor of economics, 1962-78; Depts. of Trade, Industry and Consumer Protection, chief economic adviser, 1973-76; University of Buckingham, principal, later vice-chancellor, 1980-84; David Hume Institute, executive director, 1985-90; Heriot Watt University, research professor in public finance; Scottish Arts Council, chairman, 1986-. Publications: Economics of National Insurance, 1952; (trans.) H. von Stackelberg, Theory of the Market Economy, 1953; (ed.) Income Redistribution and Social Policy, 1954; (with H. Edey) National Income and Social Accounting, 1954; (with D. Dosser) National Income of Tanganyika, 1958; (with J. Wiseman) Growth of Public Expenditure in the United Kingdom 1890-1955, 1961; (ed. with D. Robertson) Public Expenditure, 1963; (with J. Wiseman) Education for Democrats, 1964; (with H. Glennerster and R. Lavers) Educational Finance, 1966; (ed.) Quantitative Analysis in Public Finance, 1969; (with G. Shaw) Economic Theory of Fiscal Policy, 1971; (with R. Weir) The Composer in the Market Place, 1975; (with C. Rowley) Welfare Economics, 1975; Credibility of Liberal Economics, 1977; The Economic Analysis of Government, 1979; (ed. with F. Forte) Political Economy of Taxation, 1981; The Regulation Game, 1984; (co-ed.) Public Expenditure and Government Growth, 1985; Waltz Contrasts, 1988; Public Choice Analysis in Historical Perspective, 1991; Paying the Piper: Culture, Music and Money, 1993; The Political Economy of Economic Freedom, 1997; (with B. Main) What Price Civil Justice?, 2000; Calling the Tune: A Critique of Arts Funding in Scotland, 2001. Address: David Hume Institute, 21 George Square, Edinburgh EH8 9LD, Scotland. Online address: [email protected]