The Passion of Darkly Noon

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The Passion of Darkly Noon ★½ 1995

Strange religious/ sexual allegory. Running through the woods, Darkly Noon (Fraser) stumbles across the rural home of Callie (Judd) and Clay (Mortensen). Callie sees that the young man is ill and allows him to stay, discovering his parents have recently died and he's escaped from the ultra-religious community where he was raised. The sexy Callie is an uncomfortable attraction for the naive lad and when he meets a crazy old woman, Roxy (Zabriskie), in the woods, he's inclined to listen to her ravings against Callie, leading Darkly to believe he's been sent to punish the transgressors. 106m/C VHS . GB GE BE Brendan Fraser, Ashley Judd, Viggo Mortensen, Grace Zabriskie, Loren Dean; D: Philip Ridley; W: Philip Ridley; C: John de Borman; M: Nick Bicat.

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The Passion of Darkly Noon

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