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PARSONS, Alexandra

PARSONS, Alexandra. British, b. 1947. Genres: Mystery/Crime/Suspense, Young adult fiction, Children's non-fiction, Young adult non-fiction, Children's fiction. Career: Mitchell Beazley, England, senior executive editor, 1978-83; The Watermark Press, Australia, co-founder, 1983-88; writer, 1988-. Publications: Araminta Goes Shopping (children's fiction), 1991; (with I. Parsons) Making It from 12 to 20 (nonfiction for teenagers), 1991; Dead Fishy!, 1999; Road Rage!, 1999; Spell Bound!, 1999; Slap Head!, 1999; High Speed!, 2000; Dream Baby!, 2000. EYEWITNESS JUNIORS SERIES (IN UK AS AMAZING WORLDS SERIES); Amazing Birds, 1990; Amazing Mammals, 1990; Amazing Snakes, 1990; Amazing Spiders, 1990; Amazing Cats, 1990; Amazing Poisonous Animals, 1990. WHAT'S INSIDE? SERIES: Toys, 1991; Shells, 1991; Small Animals, 1991; Baby, 1992; Boats, 1992; Everyday Things, 1992; Trucks, 1992; Plants, 1992; Insects, 1992; Spacecraft, 1992; Great Inventions, 1993; Sea Creatures, 1993; Cars, 1993; Animal Homes, 1993. MAKE-IT-WORK SCIENCE SERIES: Earth, 1992; Electricity, 1992; Sound, 1992; (with C. Watts) Plants: A Creative Hand-on Approach to Science, 1993. MAKE-IT-WORK HISTORY SERIES (with A. Haslam): Ancient Egypt, 1995; Arctic Peoples, 1995; North American Indians, 1995. MICKEY WONDERS WHY? SERIES: Can You Really Fry an Egg on a Stone?, 1992; How Far Is It to the Moon?, 1992; How Do Birds Fly?, 1992; Were Dinosaurs Smart?, 1992; What Is Toothpaste Made Of?, 1992; Where Do Rainbows End?, 1992; Why Do Boomerangs Come Back?, 1992; Why Do Camels Have Humps?, 1992; Why Do Puppies Chew Slip- pers?, 1992; Why Do Some Kids Have Freckles?, 1992; Why Do Tigers Have Stripes?, 1992; Why Do Whales Sing?, 1992; Why Is the Grass Green?, 1992; Are Jellyfish Made of Jelly?, 1993. LIFE EDUCATION SERIES: An Amazing Machine, 1996; Being Me, 1996; Fit for Life, 1996; Me and My World, 1996; I'm Happy, I'm Healthy, 1997; I Am Special, 1997; My Wonderful Body, 1997; You're Special, Too, 1997. OTHER: Facts and Phalluses (adult nonfiction), 1989; A Proper Breakfast (cookbook), 1991. LITERARY ANTHOLOGIES: Mothers; Fathers. Address: St. Margarets, Twickenham, c/o Maggie Pearlstine Associates, 31 Ashley Gardens, Ambrosden Ave, London SW1P 1QE, England. Online address: [email protected]

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