Osers, Ewald

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OSERS, Ewald

OSERS, Ewald. British (born Czechoslovakia), b. 1917. Genres: Poetry, Translations. Career: Poet and translator. Translators' Guild, chair, 1975-79, member of board, 1979-84; Institute of Linguists, vice-chair, 1975-80, member of council, 1982-87; World Congresses of Translators, leader of British delegation, 1977, 1981, 1984, 1987; International Federation of Translators, vice-president, 1977-81, 1984-87; Arts Council, member of translation advisory panel; Independent, member of jury for translated fiction prize; participant in Complete Pushkin translation project. Babel, editorial director, 1979-87; Oxford University Press, Oxford-Duden German-English Dictionary, member of editorial team. Guest on radio and television programs in the United Kingdom, United States, and Eastern Europe; lecturer and translation workshop leader at universities. Publications: (ed. and trans., with J.K. Montgomery) Modern Czech Poetry: An Anthology, 1945; (with F. Giffin) The Boys' Book of Modern Chemical Wonders, 1966, in UK as The Burke Book of Modern Chemical Wonders; (ed. and trans) Ondra Lysohorsky, Selected Poems, 1971; Voices from across the Water: Translations from Twelve Languages by Ewald Osers, 1985; Arrive Where We Started (poems), 1995. TRANSLATOR: (with G. Theiner) Three Czech Poets: Vitezslav Nezval, Antonin Bartusek, Josef Hanzlik, 1971; R. Kunze, With the Volume Turned Down, and Other Poems, 1973; Contemporary German Poetry, 1976; R. Auslaender, Selected Poems, 1977; R. Langer, Wounded No Doubt: Selected Poems, 1979; N. Kuchak, A Hundred and One Hayrens, 1979; J. Seifert, The Plague Column, 1979; W.H. Fritz, Without Remission: Selected Poems, 1981; (with H. Hammelmann) R. Strauss, The Correspondence between Richard Strauss and Hugo Von Hofmannsthal, 1981; S. Haffner, The Meaning of Hitler, 1983; Seifert, An Umbrella from Piccadilly, 1983; M. Holub, On the Contrary, and Other Poems, 1984; N. Vaptsarov, Nineteen Poems, 1984; K. Capek, War with the Newts, 1985, new trans., 1990; L. Levchev, Stolen Fire: Selected Poems, 1986; (with G. Gibian) Seifert, The Selected Poetry of Jaroslav Seifert, 1986; (with J. Milner and G. Theiner) Holub, The Fly, 1987; Jaroslav Cejka, Michael Cernik, and Karel Sys, New Czech Poetry, 1988; V. Janovic, The House of the Tragic Poet, 1988; M. Matevski, Footprints of the Wind: Selected Poems, 1988; (with I. Milner, J. Milner, and Theiner) Holub, Poems before and After: Collected English Translations, 1990; R. Safranski, Schopenhauer and the Wild Years of Philosophy, 1990; (with P.S. Falla and D.S. McMurry) W. Deist, Germany and the Second World War, Vol 1: The Build-up of German Aggression, 1991; (with McMurry) K.A. Maier, Vol. 2: Germany's Initial Conquests in Europe, 1991; (with McMurry and L. Willmot) G. Schreiber, B. Stegemann, D. Vogel, Vol. 3: The Mediterranean, South-East Europe, and North Africa, 1995; I. Klima, Love and Garbage (novel), 1991; (with I. Milner and J. Milner) J. Hanzlik, Selected Poems, 1992; M. Kruger, The End of the Novel, 1992; The Man in the Ice, 1994; H. Piontek, Selected Poems, 1994; A. Folsing, Albert Einstein: A Biography, 1997; R. Safranski, Martin Heidegger: A Master from Germany, 1997. Translator of books and poems for anthologies and literary magazines. Address: 33 Reades Lane, Sonning Common, Reading RG4 9LL, England. Online address: [email protected]