Ong, Walter J(ackson)

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ONG, Walter J(ackson)

ONG, Walter J(ackson). American, b. 1912. Genres: Intellectual history, Language/Linguistics. Career: St. Louis University, Missouri, Dept. of English, Instructor, 1953-54, Assistant Professor, 1954-57, Associate Professor, 1957-59, Professor of English, 1959-86, Professor of Humanities in Psychiatry, 1970-86, University Professor of Humanities, 1981-86, University Professor Emeritus, 1986-. Terry Lecturer, Yale University, New Haven, CT, 1963-74; Lincoln Lecturer, Central and West Africa, 1974; Messenger Lecturer, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, 1979-80; Alexander Lecturer, University of Toronto, 1981; Wolfson College Lecturer, Oxford University, 1985; Visiting Professor, New York University, University of Chicago, University of California, etc. Publications: Frontiers in American Catholicism, 1957; Ramus, Method and the Decay of Dialogue, 1958; Ramus and Talon Inventory, 1958; American Catholic Crossroads, 1959; (ed. and coauthor) Darwin's Vision and Christian Perspectives, 1960; The Barbarian Within, 1962; In the Human Grain, 1967; The Presence of the Word, 1967; (ed. and co-author) Knowledge and the Future of Man, 1968; (ed.) Petrus Ramus and Audomarus Talaeus: Collectaneae Praefationes Epistolae Orationes, 1969; (ed.) Petrus Ramus: Scholae in Liberales Artes, 1970; Rhetoric, Romance and Technology, 1971; Why Talk?, 1973; Interfaces of the Word, 1977; Fighting for Life: Contest, Sexuality, and Consciousness, 1981; (cotrans., co-ed.) John Milton, Logic in Complete Prose Works of John Milton, vol. 8, 1982; Orality and Literacy, 1982; Hopkins, the Self, and God, 1986; Faith and Contexts, 4 vols., 1992-99. Died 2003.