Onganía, Juan Carlos

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Juan Carlos Onganía (hwän kär´lōs ōngänē´ä), 1914–95, president of Argentina (1966–70). He served (1963–65) as commander in chief of the army and in 1962 led a revolt within the army that purged the extreme right-wing faction. He was established in the presidency by the military junta that deposed President Illia. Operating under a new charter that abolished political parties, dissolved congress, and gave the president both executive and legislative powers, he integrated the armed forces and the government and attempted to force moral and educational reform. His authoritarian measures aroused opposition, and his position was further eroded by soaring inflation and widespread labor and student unrest. In June, 1970, Onganía was deposed by the military junta, which installed Gen. Roberto Levingston in his place.