Onfray, Michel 1959-

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Onfray, Michel 1959-


Born 1959, in France. Education: Earned a Ph.D.


Home—Normandy, France. E-mail—[email protected].


People's University, Caen, France, teacher of philosophy.


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French writer Michel Onfray is known primarily for his divisive philosophical writings and for his founding of l'Université populaire de Caen, or the People's University of Caen. In Atheist Manifesto: The Case against Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, one of his most controversial works, Onfray takes on organized religion of any kind, criticizing the influences of various forms of faith and considering any type of religious belief as impractical and unnecessary as the next. Steve Young, writing in the Library Journal, noted that some of Onfray's arguments are reasonable, but remarked that "much of his reasoning rests on generalizations, and he fails to consider and rebut common counterarguments to his claims." Gerard Windsor, in a review for the Sydney Morning Herald online, agreed, stating: "Onfray just flings down axioms and gallops on, wreathed in bandoliers, firebrands in his mouth and behind each ear, blasting away at every religious body that stirs on the earth beneath, or in the heavens above." Chris Haire, reviewing for the Honolulu Weekly online observed that the book "reads very much like what you might expect from something billing itself as a manifesto…. It's a stiff, blow-hardy read that makes a lot of promises and pronouncements." Barney Zwartz, in a review for Age Web site, wrote: "Onfray is deeply erudite and draws together some fascinating threads," but went on to conclude that his "disdainful caricature of the three monotheistic faiths is not going to persuade a fair-minded thinker. He is just another strident voice bellowing at the already (un)converted."



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