Not of This World

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Not of This World ★★½ Fuori dal Mondo 1999

Sister Caterina (Buy) is a novice, about to take her final vows, when she discovers a baby abandoned in a park. Although she takes the baby to a hospital and learns the child will be put up for adoption, Caterina can't ignore her surge of maternal feelings and decides to search for the baby's parents. When she traces a cleaning tag from the sweater the baby was wrapped in, Caterina meets Ernesto (Orlando), the middle-aged owner of a local laundry who suspects he may be the baby's father. The duo both take long looks at their lives and wonder if they should may some changes. Italian with subtitles. 100m/C VHS, DVD . IT Margherita Buy, Silvio Orlando, Carolina Freschi, Maria Cristina Minerva; D: Giuseppe Piccioni; W: Gualtiero Rosella, Giuseppe Piccioni, Lucia Maria Zei; C: Luca Bigazzi; M: Ludovico Einaudi.