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Nostromo ★★ Joseph Conrad's Nostromo 1996

Tediously drawn-out TV adaptation of the 1904 novel by Joseph Conrad takes place in the 1890s in the fictional South American country of Costaguana. Englishman Charles Gould (Firth) is determined to reopen his family's silver mine—a plan supported by the local regime, which is, however, soon to be overthrown. Amidst the revolution is the title character Nostromo (Amendola), a contraction of “nostro uomo” or “our man,” an enigmatic Italian immigrant who organizes the dock-workers and is thrust into the role of hero. Filmed on location in Cartagena, Colombia. On three cassettes. 360m/C VHS . Colin Firth, Albert Finney, Claudio Amendola, Serena Scott Thomas, Claudia Cardinale, Brian Dennehy, Lothaire Bluteau, Ruth Gabriel, Joaquim de Almeida; D: Alastair Reid; W: John Hale; M: Ennio Morricone. TV