From Noon Till Three

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From Noon Till Three ★★½ 1976 (PG)

A change of pace role for Bronson as a two-bit gunfighter in a spoof of western legends. Bronson has a brief romance with Ireland who, believing him dead, fictionalizes their relationship in a series of books and builds the mediocre Dorsey into a western hero. When he turns up alive no one, including Ireland, believes that he is the real Dorsey and he's gradually driven crazy. Good script, weak direction but Bronson is likeable. 99m/C VHS . Charles Bronson, Jill Ireland, Douglas Fowley, Stan Haze, Damon Douglas; D: Frank D. Gilroy; W: Frank D. Gilroy; C: Lucien Ballard; M: Elmer Bernstein.

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