From Here to Eternity 1953

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From Here to Eternity ★★★★ 1953

Complex, hard-hitting look at the on and off-duty life of soldiers at the Army base in Honolulu in the days before the Pearl Harbor attack. There's sensitive Pvt. Prewitt (Clift), his always in trouble best friend Maggio (Sinatra), and their good-guy top sergeant (Lancaster) who just happens to be having a torrid affair with the commander's wife (Kerr). Prewitt, meanwhile, is introduced to a club “hostess” (Reed) who is a lot more vulnerable than she's willing to admit. A movie filled with great performances. Still has the best waves-on-the-beach love scene in filmdom. Based on the novel by James Jones, which was toned down by the censors. 118m/B VHS, DVD . Burt Lancaster, Montgomery Clift, Frank Sinatra, Deborah Kerr, Donna Reed, Ernest Borgnine, Philip Ober, Jack Warden, Mickey Shaughnessy, George Reeves, Claude Akins, Harry Bellaver, John Dennis, Tim Ryan, John Bryant, John Cason, Doug(las) Henderson, Robert Karnes, Robert J. Wilke, Carleton Young, Merle Travis, Arthur Keegan, Barbara Morrison, Tyler McVey; D: Fred Zinnemann; W: Daniel Taradash; C: Burnett Guffey; M: George Duning. Oscars ‘53: B&W Cinematog., Director (Zinnemann), Film Editing, Picture, Screenplay, Sound, Support. Actor (Sinatra), Support. Actress (Reed); AFI ‘98: Top 100; Directors Guild ‘53: Director (Zinnemann); Golden Globes ‘54: Support. Actor (Sinatra), Natl. Film Reg. ‘02;; N.Y. Film Critics ‘53: Actor (Lancaster), Director (Zinnemann), Film.

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