Night of the Ghouls

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Night of the Ghouls WOOf! Revenge of the Dead 1959

Second to last in Wood's celebrated series of inept horror films that began with “Bride of the Monster” and “Plan 9 from Outer Space.” This one tells of a phony spiritualist who swindles the grieving by pretending to raise the dead. To his great surprise he actually does enliven some cadavers, who then go after him. Unreleased for over 20 years because Wood couldn't pay the film lab. Not quite as classically bad as his other films, but still a laugh riot. 69m/B VHS, DVD . Paul Marco, Tor Johnson, Duke Moore, Kenne Duncan, John Carpenter, Criswell, Bud Osborne, Anthony Cardoza, Vampira, Valda Hansen, Karl Johnson; D: Edward D. Wood Jr.; W: Edward D. Wood Jr.; C: William C. Thompson.