Night of Dark Shadows

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Night of Dark Shadows ★★★ Curse of Dark Shadows 1971 (PG)

Underrated, atmospheric follow-up to “House of Dark Shadows.” When newlyweds Quentin (Selby) and Tracy Collins (Jackson) move into the family mansion, they find the place haunted by a ghostly woman named Angelique (Parker). As Quentin is disturbed by visissss of the past, he finds himself possessed by the spirit of Angelique's lover (also Selby) and Tracy's life in danger from the vengeful specter. Though occasionally muddled due to last-minute cuts ordered by the studio, the film still delivers a surplus of chills and is beautifully photographed. 94m/C VHS . David Selby, Kate Jackson, Lara Parker, Grayson Hall, John Karlen, Nancy Barrett, James Storm, Thayer David; D: Dan Curtis; W: Sam Hall; C: Richard Shore. TV