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New Blood ★★ 1999 (R)

Violent thriller that has a few nifty twists. After seven years, Danny White (Moran) turns up on the doorstep of his estranged father, Alan (Hurt). Danny is bleeding from a gunshot wound and makes the devil's own deal with dad: Danny's twin sister needs a heart transplant and Danny offers his own organ if dad will participate in a mob ordered kidnapping that's gone wrong once already. Solid performances are an asset. 92m/C VHS, DVD . GB Nick Moran, John Hurt, Carrie-Anne Moss, Shawn Wayans, Joe Pantoliano, Eugene Robert Glazer, Richard Fitzpatrick, Rob Freeman; D: Michael Hurst; W: Michael Hurst; C: David Pelletier; M: Jeff Danna.

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New Blood

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