New Best Friend

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New Best Friend ★½ DepravedIndifference; Mary Jane's Last Dance 2002 (R)

Obvious and sleazy whodunnit wastes its cast. Alicia (Kirshner) is in a cocaine-induced coma after getting in with the wrong college crowd. Working-class mom Connie (O'Connor) raises a stink with new sheriff Bonner (Diggs) to investigate, though the school wants all the sordid details swept under the rug since it involves some wild partying by rich and vapid students. 91m/C VHS, DVD . Mia Kirshner, Dominique Swain, Rachel True, Meredith Monroe, Scott Bairstow, Taye Diggs, Glynnis O'Connor, Eric Michael Cole, Oliver Hudson; D: Zoe Clarke-Williams; W: Victoria Strouse; C: Tom Priestley; M: David A. Hughes, John Murphy.

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New Best Friend

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