Needleman, Jacob

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NEEDLEMAN, Jacob. American, b. 1934. Genres: Theology/Religion, Philosophy, Novels. Career: Professor of Philosophy, San Francisco State University (began as Assistant Professor, 1962). Clinical psychology trainee, West Haven Veterans Administration Hospital, Conn., 1960-61; Research Associate, Rockefeller Institute, NYC, 1961-62. Rockefeller Foundation Fellow, 1977-78. Publications: Being-in-the-World, 1963; (trans.) The Primary World of the Senses, by Erwin Straus, 1963; The New Religions, 1970, 1987; Religion for a New Generation, 1973, 1976; A Sense of the Cosmos, 1975; On the Way to Self Knowledge, 1976; Lost Christianity: A Journey of Rediscovery to the Center of Christian Experience, 1980; Consciousness and Tradition, 1982; The Heart of Philosophy, 1982; The Way of the Physician, 1985; Sin and Scientism, 1986; Sorcerers (novel), 1986; Money and the Meaning of Life, 1992; A Little Book on Love, 1996; Time and the Soul, 1998. EDITOR: Care of Patients with Fatal Illnesses, 1969; The Sword of Gnosis, 1973; Sacred Tradition and Present Need, 1974; Understanding the New Religions, 1978; Speaking of My Life: The Art of Living in the Cultural Revolution, 1979; Real Philosophy, 1990; Gurdjieff, 1996. Address: Dept. of Philosophy, San Francisco State University, 1600 Holloway Ave, San Francisco, CA 94132, U.S.A.