Needle, Jan

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NEEDLE, Jan. Also writes as Frank Kippax. British, b. 1943. Genres: Children's fiction, Literary criticism and history, Mystery/Crime/Suspense, Novels. Publications: Albeson and the Germans, 1977; My Mate Shofiq, 1978; A Fine Boy for Killing, 1979, rev. ed., 1996; Rottenteeth, 1979; The Size Spies, 1980; The Bee Rustlers, 1980; A Sense of Shame, 1980; Wild Wood, 1981; Losers Weepers, 1981; (with P. Thomson) Brecht, 1981; Another Fine Mess, 1982; Piggy in the Middle, 1982; The Wicked Trade, 1983; Going Out, 1983; A Game of Soldiers, 1985; A Pitiful Place, 1984; Tucker's Luck, 1984; Great Days at Grange Hill, 1985; Behind the Bike Sheds, 1985; Tucker in Control, 1985; Wagstaffe, The Wind-Up Boy, 1987; Uncle in the Attic, 1987; Skeleton at School, 1987; In the Doghouse, 1988; The Sleeping Party, 1988; The Thief, 1989; Mad Scramble, 1990; As Seen on TV, 1990; The War of the Worms, 1992; Wagstaffe and the Life of Crime, 1992; Bogeymen, 1992; The Bully, 1993; The Wicked Trade, 1998. FOR ADULTS AS FRANK KIPPAX: The Scar, 1990; The Butcher's Bill, 1991; Other People's Blood, 1992; Fear of Night And Darkness, 1993. Also stage, radio, and TV plays. Address: c/o David Higham Associates, 5-8 Lower John St., London W1R 4HA, England.