Nakayama, Shigeru

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NAKAYAMA, Shigeru. Japanese, b. 1928. Genres: Astronomy, History, Sciences, Technology, Translations. Career: Professor, Kanagawa University, Tokyo. Editorial Consultant, Dictionary of Scientific Biography, Charles Scribners' Sons, NYC, 1967-. Advisory Ed., Journal for the History of Astronomy, 1970-, Fundamenta Scientiae, 1980-, and The Scientists, 1987-. Ed., Heibonsha, 1951-55. Publications: Astrology, 1964; (with W. Sugimoto) History of Science, 1967; History of Japanese Astronomy, 1969; Japanese Astronomy, 1972; Academic Traditions, 1974; Japanese Views of Science, 1977; Characteristics of Scientific Development in Japan, 1977; Hideyo Noguchi, 1978; The Birth of the Imperial University, 1978; Environmentalist's Cosmology, 1980; The View of Science at the Crossroad, 1980; Contemporary History of Science and Society, 1981; History of the Science of the Heavens, 1984; Science Studies for Citizens, 1984; Academic and Scientific Traditions in China, Japan and the West, 1984; Thoughts on the 21st Century, 1986; Research Guide to the History of Science, 1987; A Trip to American Universities, 1988; Naozo Ichinohe, 1989; Science, Technology and Society in Postwar Japan, 1991; The Social History of Science and Technology in Contemporary Japan, 7 vols., 1995; Science, Technology and Society in Contemporary Japan, 1998. TRANSLATOR: Modern Scientific Readers, 1955; M. Kline, Mathematics in Western Culture, 1956; Smart, Origin of the Earth, 1962; Dupre and Lakoff, Science and Nation, 1965; Kuhn, Structure of Scientific Revolution, 1971; Charon, Cosmology, 1971; Kearney, Science and Change, 1972; N. Sivin, Copernicus in China, 1984; Stableford and Langford, The Third Mellenium, 1987. EDITOR: (with W. Yuasa) Chronology of Modern Science and Technology, 1961; (co) Earth and Space Sciences, 1965; International Relations, 1968; (with W. Hirose) Modern Scientific Thought, 1971; (with W. Hirose) Western Learning, 1972; (with W. Sivin) Chinese Science, 1973; (with W. Swain and Yagi) Science and Society in Modern Japan, 1974; The History of Astronomy, 1982; Biographical Dictionary of Astronomers, 1983; Western Learning in Mid- nineteenth Century Japan, 1984; Rethinking of Paradigms, 1984; Technological Capacity of Japan, 1986. Address: 3-7-11 Chuo, Nakano, Tokyo, Japan. Online address: [email protected]