Murphey, Cecil B(laine)

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MURPHEY, Cecil B(laine)

MURPHEY, Cecil B(laine). Also writes as Celia Blaine, Melanie Harwood. American, b. 1933. Genres: Novels, Inspirational/Motivational Literature, Self help, Autobiography/Memoirs, Ghost Writer. Career: Galilean Christian Schools, Zion, IL, teacher, 1957; Beach Park Public Schools, Waukegan, IL, teacher, 1957-60; Zion Public Schools, Zion, substitute teacher, 1960-61; missionary to Kenya, Africa, with Elim Missionary Assemblies, Lima, NY, 1961-67; Clifton Presbyterian Church, Atlanta, pastor, 1968-72; Alexander Memorial Presbyterian Church, Decatur, GA, 1972-74; Riverdale Presbyterian Church, Riverdale, GA, 1974-84; full-time writer, 1984-. Teacher of writing in college courses and at writers' conferences, 1976-. Publications: INSPIRATIONAL AND SELF-HELP: Prayer: Pitfalls and Possibilities, 1975; Put on a Happy Faith!, 1976; But God Has Promised, 1976; Somebody Knows I'm Alive, 1977; How to Live a Christian Life, 1977; When in Doubt, Hug 'Em!, 1978; Prayerobics, Getting Started and Staying Going, 1979; Comforting Those Who Grieve, 1979; Getting There from Here, 1981; Another Chance, 1987; Day to Day, 1988; Keeping My Balance, 1988; Breaking the Silence, 1989; Man Talk, 1991; (with B. Carson) Think Big, 1992; Invading the Privacy of God, 1997; My Parents My Children, 2000; Simply Living, 2000; (with J. Kuzma) Live 10 Healthy Years Longer, 2000; Seeking God's Hidden Face, 2001; The God Who Pursues, 2002; (with S. Chand) Futuring, 2002; The Relentless God, 2003; (with S. Chand) Who's Holding Your Ladder?, 2003; Yearning for More of God, 2004; Positive Aging, 2004. CO-WRITTEN AUTOBIOGRAPHIES: (with B.J. Thomas) In Tune, 1982; (with V. Barfield) Woman on Death Row, 1985; (with N.D. Vaughan) With Byrd at the Bottom of the World, 1990; (with B. Carson) Gifted Hands, 1990; (with D. Kartsonakis) Dino: Behind the Glitz and Glamour, 1990; (with B. Carson and N. Aaseng) Ben Carson, 1992; (with U. McCullough-Innocent) Something Special: The Story of Ullanda Innocent, 1994; (with N.D. Vaughan) My Life of Adventure, 1995; (with F. Graham) Rebel with a Cause, 1995; (with S. Chand) Failure, 1999; (with B. Sanidad) Choosing to Live, 2000; (with S. Thomas-El) I Choose to Stay, 2003; (with D. Wilkins) United by Tragedy, 2003; (with L. Harris) It All Starts at Home, 2004; (with D. Piper) 90 Minutes in Heaven, 2004. NOVELS: (also as Celia Blaine and Melanie Haywood) Romance Reader 3: 3 Novels in 1, 1985; (also as Melanie Haywood; with A. Ross) Romance Reader 4: 3 Novels in 1, 1985; (with D. Bailey) Mr. Dream Merchant, 1998. OTHER: (comp.) The Dictionary of Biblical Literacy, 1989; (ed.) The Encyclopedia of Christian Marriage, 1994; (with J. Rogers) A Touch of Georgia, 1996; (with others) The Bible A to Z, 1998; 4,000 Questions, Answers, and Puzzles from the Bible, 1999; God-More than a Name, 2001; (with A. Ross) Beyond World Class, 2001; (with A. Ross) Unconditional Excellence, 2002. Contributor to inspirational and other periodicals. Address: 4297 Tucker N Ct, Tucker, GA 30084, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]; [email protected]