Murphy, Ben 1942(?)–

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Murphy, Ben 1942(?)–


Full name, Benjamin Edward Murphy; born March 6, 1942 (some sources cite 1941), in Jonesboro, AR; son of Patrick Henry and Nadine (maiden name, Steele) Murphy; married Jeanne Davis, 1978 (divorced 1981); Education: Attended Loras College, 1960–61; attended Loyola University, 1961–62; attended University of the Americas, 1962–63 and 1964–65; University of Illinois, B.A., political science, 1964; University of Southern California, B.A., theatre arts, 1968; also studied at the Pasadena Playhouse, 1965–67; some sources cite attendance at other colleges.

Addresses: Agent—The Artists Agency, 1000 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 305, Los Angeles, CA 90067; The Gage Group, 14724 Ventura Blvd., Suite 505, Los Angeles, CA 91403.

Career: Actor.


Film Appearances:

(Uncredited) Shaving student, The Graduate, Embassy Pictures, 1967.

Larry, Yours, Mine and Ours, United Artists, 1968.

Lieutenant Archer, The Thousand Plane Raid (also known as The 1,000 Plane Raid), United Artists, 1969.

Lee Reever, Runaway (also known as The Frozen Passage, Runaway!, and The Runaway Train), c. 1973, originally a made-for-television movie broadcast by ABC, 1973.

Jeff Rayburn, Sidecar Racers, Universal, 1975.

Professor Douglas McCadden, Time Walker (also known as Being from Another Planet), New World Pictures, 1982.

Gary, Dancin' thru the Dark, Miramax, 1990.

Gerald Morris, Twenty-One, Triton Pictures, 1991.

Richard, Hanging Up (also known as Aufgelegt!), Columbia, 2000.

Officer Ron Friendly, To Protect and Serve, Kingman Films International, 2001.

Lieutenant Manners, Freezerburn (also known as Freezerburn the Movie), The Brookturn Co., 2005.

Vincent, The Uniform Motion of Folly, UMF Distribution, 2006.

Television Appearances; Series:

Joe Sample, The Name of the Game, NBC, 1968–71.

Jed "Kid" Curry (alias Thaddeus Jones), Alias Smith and Jones, ABC, 1971–73.

S. Michael "Mike" Murdoch, Griff, ABC, 1973–74.

Sam Casey, Gemini Man (also known as Code Name: Minus One), NBC, 1976.

Will Chisholm, The Chisholms, CBS, 1979–80.

Patrick Sean Flaherty, Lottery (also known as Lottery! and Lottery$), NBC, 1983–84.

Paul Berrenger, Berrenger's, NBC, 1985.

Lieutenant Danko, The Dirty Dozen: The Series (also known as The Dirty Dozen), Fox, 1988.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Warren Henry, The Winds of War, ABC, 1983.

Kroeger, Robert Ludlum's "The Apocalypse Watch" (also known as The Apocalypse Watch), ABC, 1997.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Patrick Forrester, Anatomy of a Crime (re-edited version of the television episodes "Tell It Like It Was … and You're Dead" and "There Was a Little Girl," both episodes of The Outsider), 1969.

Joe Randolph, "The Forresters," The Letters, ABC, 1973.

Lee Reever, Runaway (also known as The Frozen Passage, Runaway!, and The Runaway Train), ABC, 1973, also released theatrically as a feature film.

Frank Taylor, Heat Wave (also known as Heatwave and Heat Wave!), ABC, 1974.

Wild Bill Hickok, This Is the West That Was, NBC, 1974.

Kit Carson, Bridger (also known as ABC Movie of the Week), ABC, 1976.

Sam Casey, Riding with Death (re-edited version of television episodes of Gemini Man), 1976, also broadcast on Mystery Science Theater 3000 (also known as Mystery Science Theater 3000: Riding with Death, MST3K, MST 3000, Mystery Science Theater Hour, The Mystery Science Theater Hour, Mystery Science Theater 2000, and Mystery Science Theatre 3000), Sci-Fi Channel, 1997.

Buck, The Secret War of Jackie's Girls, NBC, 1980.

Dr. Richard Carroll, The Cradle Will Fall, CBS, 1983.

Kim Merritt, Uncommon Valor, CBS, 1983.

Ron Levering, Gidget's Summer Reunion, syndicated, 1985.

Steve Graves, Stark: Mirror Image (also known as Mirror Image and Stark II), CBS, 1986.

Some sources cite an appearance in The Hospital Fire.

Television Appearances; Specials:

Contestant, The Battle of the Network Stars, ABC, 1976.

Contestant, The Battle of the Network Stars XV, ABC, 1983.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

"A Matter of Royal Larceny" (also known as "A Matter of Larceny"), It Takes a Thief, ABC, 1967.

Mike Bradbury, "The Orchard," The Virginian (also known as The Men from Shiloh), NBC, 1968.

Patrick Forrester, "Tell It Like It Was … and You're Dead," The Outsider, NBC, 1968.

Wes Manning, "The Decision," The Virginian (also known as The Men from Shiloh), NBC, 1968.

Bob, "A Far Away Place So Near," The Mod Squad, ABC, 1970.

Jerry Lambert, "His Brother's Keeper," Medical Center, CBS, 1970.

"Love and the End of the Line/Love and the Growing Romance/Love and the Postal Meeter," Love, American Style, ABC, 1973.

"Four-Plus Hot," Marcus Welby, M.D. (also known as Robert Young, Family Doctor), ABC, 1974.

Billy Blake, "The Stripper/The Boxer," Fantasy Island, ABC, 1975.

Paul Dunbar, "Dream Ship/Best of Friends/Aftermath," The Love Boat, ABC, 1979.

Sweepstakes (also known as $weepstake$), NBC, 1979.

Fake doctor, "Medicine Man," Trapper John, M.D., CBS, 1982.

Gregory King, "So Help Me Hannah/The Maid Cleans Up/C.P.R., I.O.U.," The Love Boat, ABC, 1983.

Terry Noble, "The Beverly Hills Social Club," Matt Houston, ABC, 1983.

"Candy Kisses/Operation Breakout," Fantasy Island, ABC, 1983.

Guiding Light, CBS, 1983.

David Carson, "Losing Touch," Finder of Lost Loves, ABC, 1984.

Robbie Joe Carson, "Fantasies," Hotel (also known as Arthur Hailey's "Hotel"), ABC, 1984.

"Aerobic April/The Wager/Story of the Century," The Love Boat, ABC, 1984.

"Polly's Poker Palace/Shop Ahoy/Double Date/The Hong Kong Affair/Two Takes of a City: Parts 1 & 2," The Love Boat, ABC, 1984.

Alan Chamberlin, "A Lovely Little Affair," Scarecrow and Mrs. King, CBS, 1985.

Scott Lodge, "Reflections of the Mind," Murder, She Wrote, CBS, 1985.

"On the Wire," MacGruder and Loud, ABC, 1985.

"Gopher's Decision," The Love Boat, ABC, 1986.

Jack Haines, "Love Is Blind," The Twilight Zone, syndicated, 1988.

Chuck Yellin, "Rest in Peace," Shades of L.A., syndicated, 1990.

Jordan Parnell, "Proms and Prams," Life Goes On, ABC, 1991.

Tom Dalton, "The More Things Change," In the Heat of the Night, NBC, 1991.

Agent Jack Simpson, "Colonel Penn," FBI: The Untold Stories, ABC, 1992.

Ethan Cooper, "Father's Day," Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, CBS, 1993.

Ethan Cooper, "Cooper vs. Quinn: Parts 1 & 2," Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, CBS, 1995.

High Sierra Search and Rescue, NBC, 1995.

Robert Houston, "Epilogue," Baywatch Nights (also known as Detectives on the Beach), syndicated, 1996.

Senator Grant Hemmings, "Family Values," Silk Stalkings, USA Network, 1996.

Lieutenant colonel John Farrow, "The Good of the Service," JAG, CBS, 1997.

Cornelius Stratton, "Hostage Situation," Air America, syndicated, 1998.

Lieutenant commander John Farrow, "People v. Mac," JAG, CBS, 1998.

Captain Neilsen, "Ghosts of Christmas Past," JAG, CBS, 1999.

Chief Frank Swerdlow, "Swimming in the Dead Pool," Pacific Blue, USA Network, 1999.

Colonel Seth Mattinger, "HAARP Attack," Seven Days (also known as 7 Days and Seven Days: The Series), UPN, 1999.

Congressional representative Phillip Hallet, "Lost and Found," The District, CBS, 2001.

Captain Veitch, "Sub Rosa," Navy NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service (also known as Naval CIS, Navy CIS, Navy NCIS, NCIS, and NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service), CBS, 2003.

Reverend Henderson, "Two Girls for Every Boy," The Drew Carey Show, ABC, 2003.

Brad Vickers, "My Little Runaway," Judging Amy, CBS, 2004.

John Farrow, "What If," JAG, CBS, 2004.

Travis, "Debut," Cold Case, CBS, 2006.

Appeared in other television programs.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Jed "Kid" Curry (alias Thaddeus Jones), Alias Smith and Jones, ABC, 1971.

Sam Casey, Gemini Man (also known as Code Name: Minus One), NBC, 1976.

Martin Farnum, Unit 4, CBS, 1981.

Patrick Sean Flaherty, "Being a Winner," Lottery (also known as Lottery! and Lottery$), NBC, 1983.

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