Murmur of the Heart

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Murmur of the Heart ★★★½Dearest Love; La Souffle au Coeur 1971 (R)

Honest treatment of a 14-year-old's coming of age. After his older brothers take him to a prostitute for his first sexual experience, he comes down with scarlet fever. He then travels to a health spa with his mom to recover. There they find that their mother-son bond is stronger than most. Music by Charlie Parker is featured in the score. In French with English subtitles. 118m/C VHS, DVD . FR Benoit Ferreux, Daniel Gelin, Lea Massari, Corinne Kersten, Jacqueline Chauveau, Marc Wincourt, Michael (Michel) Lonsdale; D: Louis Malle; W: Louis Malle; C: Ricardo Aronovich; M: Charlie Parker.