Moreh, Shmuel

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MOREH, Shmuel

MOREH, Shmuel. Also writes as Sami Ibrahim. Israeli (born Iraq), b. 1932. Genres: Novellas/Short stories, Poetry, History, Literary criticism and history, Theatre, Bibliography. Career: Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel, professor, 1983-2003; Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, professor of Arabic language and literature, 1983-. Co-editor of the Israeli television literary magazine, 1985-90; member of editorial board, Nehardea: Journal of Babylonian Jewry; al-Karmil; Apirion; Ramat-Gan; and Bablonian Jewry, 1995-; Manchester University, UK, Melila's advisory board. Publications: BOOKS IN ENGLISH: Al-Jabarti's Chronicle of the First Seven Months of the French Occupation of Egypt, June-December, 1798, 1975, 2nd ed., 1993; Modern Arabic Poetry, 1800-1970, 1976 (Arabic trans., 1986); Short Stories by Jewish Writers from Iraq, 1981; Studies in Modern Arabic Prose and Poetry, 1986; Live Theatre and Dramatic Literature in the Medieval Arab World, 1992; (with P. Sadgrove) Jewish Contributions to Nineteenth-Century Arabic Theatre, 1996; (trans. with P. Crone) The Book of Strangers, 2000. BOOKS IN HEBREW: (ed. and trans. with M. Milson) On the Other Shore, 1980; (ed.) Studies on the History of the Iraqi Jewry and Their Culture, 1981; (ed. with Z. Yehuda) Hatred of Jews and the Farhud (Pogrom of 1941) in Iraq, 1993; The Tree and the Branch: Studies in Modern Arabic Literature and Contributions of Iraqi-Jewish Writers, 1997. BOOKS IN ARABIC: (ed. with M. Milson) Modern Arabic Literature. A Research Bibliography, 1800- 1980, 1993; Arabic Works by Jewish Writers, 1863-1973, 1973; Biographies and Bibliographies in Arabic Literature in Israel, 1948-86, 1987; Anthology of Modern Arabic Poetry, 1993; (ed. with M. Shawarba) H.A. Malti, The Quik-Tempered Simpleton, 1997; (and in English) Those Were the Days of Youth and Love (poetry anthology), 1998. Address: Institute of Asian & African Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Mount Scopus, 91905 Jerusalem, Israel. Online address: [email protected]

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Moreh, Shmuel

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