Moray Williams, Ursula

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MORAY WILLIAMS, Ursula. British, b. 1911. Genres: Children's fiction. Career: First Life Member, Puffin Club, Puffin Books, London, 1974. Former Justice of the Peace: former Chairman of the Juvenile Bench, Evesham. Publications: Jean Pierre, 1931; For Brownies, 1932; Grandfather (poetry), 1933; The Pettabomination, 1933; The Autumn Sweepers (plays), 1933; Kelpie the Gipsy's Pony, 1934; More for Brownies, 1934; Anders and Marta, 1935; Adventures of Anne, 1935; Tales for the Sixes and Sevens, 1936; The Twins and Their Ponies, 1936; Sandy-on-the-Shore, 1936; (with C.S. John) Adventures of Boss and Dingbatt, 1937; Elaine of La Signe, 1937; Dumpling, 1937; Adventures of the Little Wooden Horse, 1938; Adventures of Puffin, 1940; Pretenders Island, 1940; Peter and the Wanderlust, 1940; A Castle for John Peter, 1941; Gobbolino the Witch's Cat, 1942; The Good Little Christmas Tree, 1943; The Three Toymakers, 1945; The House of Happiness, 1946; Malkin's Mountain, 1948; The Story of Laughing Dandino, 1948; Jockin the Jester, 1951; The Binkelbys at Home, 1951; The Binkelbys on the Farm, 1953; Secrets of the Wood, 1953; Grumpa, 1955; Golden Horse with a Silver Tail, 1957; Hobbie, 1958; The Moonball, 1958; The Noble Hawks, 1959; Nine Lives of Island MacKenzie, 1959; Beware of this Animal, 1963; Johnnie Tigerskin, 1964; O for a Mouseless House!, 1964; High Adventure, 1965; The Cruise of the Happy Go Gay, 1967; A Crown for a Queen, 1968; The Toymaker's Daughter, 1968; Mog, 1969; Boy in a Barn, 1970; Johnny Golightly and His Crocodile, 1970; Hurricanes, 4 vols., 1971; Castle Merlin, 1972; A Picnic with the Aunts, 1973; Kidnapping of My Grandmother, 1973; Grandpapa's Folly and the Woodworm Bookworm, 1974; The Line, 1974; Bogwoppit, 1978; Jeffy the Burglar's Cat, 1981; Bellabelinda and the No- Good Angel, 1982; Further Adventures of Gobbolino and the Little Wooden Horse, 1984; Spid, 1985; Paddy on the Island, 1987. Address: Pearcroft Cottage, Conderton, Near Tewkesbury, Glos., England.