Meltdown 2006

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Meltdown WOOf! 2006

Which is what you'll want to do to the DVD after you've wasted your time on this lame “Armageddon-is-a-comin”' flick. Scientist blows up an asteroid endangering earth, but the fragments push our planet's orbit closer to the sun, causing intense global warming and evacuations to the Arctic. Uh, isn't all that ice supposed to melt? What do these people have—an ark? Maybe the hungry polar bears will get to them first. 93m/C DVD . Casper Van Dien, Stefanie von Pfetten, Venus Terzo, Amanda Crew, Vincent Gale, Ryan McDonell; D: J.P. Howell; W: Rick Drew; C: Adam Sliwinski; M: Ron Ramin. CABLE