Meier, Paul D.

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MEIER, Paul D.

MEIER, Paul D. American. Genres: Self help. Career: University of Arkansas College of Medicine, Little Rock, resident in psychiatry, 1972-74; Duke University, Durham, NC, resident in psychiatry, 1974-75; Minirth Meier Clinics, Richardson, TX, co-founder and psychiatrist, 1976-2000. Private medical practice in Milwaukee, WI, 1975-76; Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, assistant professor of pastoral psychology and counseling, 1975-76. Publications: The Fakers, 1980; Don't Let Jerks Get the Best of You, 1993. NOVELS: The Third Millennium, 1993; Fourth Millennium, 1996; Beyond the Millennium, 1998; Secret Code, 1999. WITH OTHERS: Christian Child Rearing and Personality Development, 1977, rev. ed., 1995; Happiness Is a Choice, 1978, rev. ed., 1994; 100 Ways to Overcome Depression, 1979; The Workaholic and His Family, 1981; Family Foundations, 1981; Introduction to Psychology and Counseling, 1982; Counseling and the Nature of Man, 1982; Why Be Lonely?, 1982; The Monster Within, 1984; Growing in Step, 1985; The Money Diet, 1985; Sweet Dreams, 1985; Beating the Clock, 1985; How to Beat Burnout, 1986; 100 Ways to Live a Happy and Successful Life, 1986; Taking Control, 1988; The Healthy Christian Life, 1988; Sex in the Christian Marriage, 1988; Worry-Free Living, 1989; Before Burnout, 1990; Love Is a Choice, 1989; Love Hunger, 1990; A Walk with the Serenity Prayer, 1991; Ask the Doctors, 1991; The Path to Serenity, 1991; Free to Forgive, 1991; Bruised & Broken, 1992; Filling the Holes in Our Souls, 1992; What They Didn't Teach You in Seminary, 1993; Miracle Drugs, 1995; Windows of the Soul, 1995; Complete Life Encyclopedia, 1995; Safe Places, 1997; Beating Burnout, 1997; Happiness Is a Choice for Teens, 1997; WWJD?, 1998; Overcoming Loneliness, 2000; Mood Swings, 2000; Unbreakable Bonds, 2002; Fear Less for Life, 2002; Compelled to Achieve, 2003; Crazymakers, 2003.

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Meier, Paul D.

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