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Megasnake ★½ Mega Snake 2007 (R)

Ah yes, another Sci-Fi Channel original (with some decent CGI). In a backwater town filled with snakes and snake handlers, dimwit Duff steals a very rare snake to add to his collection. It must be super-snake because, given the chance, it grows and grows and grows until it can swallow a man in a single gulp. Having escaped Duff, Megasnake heads off to have some fun at the county fair (and we don't mean elephant ears and ring toss). 90m/C DVD . Michael Shanks, Siri Baruc, Mick Harvey, Ben Cardinal, John T. Woods, Matthew Atherton; D: Tibor Takacs; W: Rob Robinson, Alexander Volz; C: Emil Topuzov; M: Guy Zerafa, Dave Klotz. CABLE