Masson, Sophie

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MASSON, Sophie

MASSON, Sophie. French/Australian (born Indonesia), b. 1959. Genres: Children's fiction, Young adult fiction. Career: Writer. Worked odd jobs in Australia, and as a newspaper reporter. Publications: FOR YOUNG ADULTS: Sooner or Later, 1991; A Blaze of Summer, 1992; The Sun Is Rising, 1996; The Tiger, 1996; Cold Iron, 1998; Clementine, 1999; The King of Greenwood, 2000; Family Business, 2000; The Green Prince, 2000; The Firebird, 2001; The Hand of Glory, 2002; The Tempestuous Voyage of Hopewell Shakespeare, 2003; Hollow Lands, 2004; Snow, Fire, Sword, 2004. STARMAKER SERIES: Carabas, 1996, in US as Serafin, 2000; The First Day, 2000; Malkin, 2000. JUVENILE: Fire in the Sky, 1990; The Opera Club, 1993; The Cousin from France, 1994; Winter in France, 1994; The Secret, 1996; Birds of a Feather, 1996; The Troublemaker, 1997. LAY LINES FANTASY TRILOGY: The Knight by the Pool, 1998; The Lady of the Flowers, 1999; Forest of Dreams, 2001. OTHER: The House in the Rainforest, 1990; The Hoax, 1997. Address: c/o Margaret Connolly, PO Box 945, Wahroonga, NSW 2076, Australia. Online address: [email protected]