Marwick, Arthur

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MARWICK, Arthur. Scottish, b. 1936. Genres: History. Career: Professor of History, The Open University, since 1969 (Dean of Arts, 1978-84). Assistant Lecturer, University of Aberdeen, 1959-60; Lecturer, University of Edinburgh, 1960-69. Visiting Professor, State University of New York, Buffalo, 1966-67, Stanford University, California, 1984-85, Ecole des hautes etudes en sciences sociales, Paris, 1985, Rhodes College, Memphis, Tennessee, 1991, and University of Perugia, 1991. Co-ed Journal of Contemporary History, 1994-. Publications: The Explosion of British Society, 1914-1962, 1963, 1971; Clifford Allen: The Open Conspirator, 1964; The Deluge: British Society and the First World War, 1965, 1991; Britain in the Century of Total War: War, Peace, and Social Change 1900-1967, 1968; The Nature of History, 1970, 3rd ed. 1989; War and Social Change in the Twentieth Century, 1974; The Home Front: The British and the Second World War, 1976; Women at War, 1914-1918, 1977; Class: Image and Reality in Britain, France and the U.S.A. since 1930, 1980, 1990; British Society since 1945, 1982, 1990; Britain in Our Century: Images and Controversies, 1984; Beauty in History, 1988; Culture in Britain since 1945, 1991; The Sixties, 1998; A History of the Modern British Isles 1914-1999, 2000. EDITOR: Thames and Hudson Illustrated Dictionary of British History, 1980; Class in the Twentieth Century, 1986; Total War and Social Change, 1988; The Arts, Literature and Society, 1990; Window on the Sixties, 2000.