Margaret's Museum

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Margaret's Museum ★★★½1995 (R)

The museum of the title is the bizarre shrine Margaret (Bonham Carter) dedicates to the family members who have been killed in the coal mines that dominate her small (1940s) Cape Breton, Nova Scotia town. Both Margaret and her mother, Catherine (Nelligan), are embittered by their tragedies and when Margaret finds romance with eccentric bagpiper Neil (Russell), she makes him promise he'll never return to mine work. But with a bad economy, Neil is forced back to the pits and inevitable disaster. It's Bonham Carter's picture all the way and she shows a wide (and welcome) range of emotions and strength. Adapted from a story by Sheldon Currie. 114m/C VHS . CA GB Helena Bonham-Carter, Clive Russell, Kate Nelligan, Kenneth Welsh, Craig Olejnik; D: Mort Ransen; W: Mort Ransen, Gerald Wexler; C: Vic Sarin; M: Milan Kymlicka. Genie ‘95: Actress (Bonham-Carter), Adapt. Screenplay, Costume Des., Support. Actor (Welsh), Support. Actress (Nelligan), Score.

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Margaret's Museum

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