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Manito ★★★ 2003

Slice of life family drama set in New York City's largely Hispanic Washington Heights neighborhood. Manny Moreno (Minaya) is about to graduate from high school and has been accepted to college on a full scholarship. His older brother, Junior (Franky G), is an ex-con who was busted for working with their drug-dealer dad (Cabral). Junior is trying to go straight and keep Manny away from trouble as well by refusing to allow their father any contact with the family. But it's just not that simple. Debut film for Eason is somewhat limited by being shot on digital video, but the performances are powerful. 77m/C DVD . US Franky G., Leo Minaya, Manuel Cabral, Hector Gonzalez, Julissa Lopez, Jessica Morales; D: Eric Eason; W: Eric Eason; C: Didier Gertsch; M: Saundi Wilson.

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