Manischewitz, Hirsch

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MANISCHEWITZ, HIRSCH (1891–1943), U.S. Orthodox rabbi, business executive, and philanthropist. Manischewitz, who was born in Cincinatti, Ohio, was educated in Palestine at several yeshivot during 1901–14. While there he helped organize charitable organizations, and, upon his return to Cincinnati in 1914, he continued his philanthropic activities, serving as president of the Orthodox Jewish Orphan's Home. With his brothers he helped maintain the Rabbi Ber Manischewitz Yeshivah of Jerusalem from 1914 until 1943. Moving to New York in 1931, Manischewitz served from that time until his death as an officer of the family B. Manischewitz Baking Co. and helped to build it up into one of the largest manufacturers of Jewish food products in the United States. He was the U.S. representative of over 30 Palestinian and European institutions and organizations of Jewish higher learning. He also served as vice president of the Mizrachi Organization of America, and executive board member of Yeshiva College and of the Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America and Canada.