Mallett, Daryl F(urumi)

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MALLETT, Daryl F(urumi)

MALLETT, Daryl F(urumi). American, b. 1969. Genres: Novellas/Short stories, Mystery/Crime/Suspense, Horror, Science fiction/Fantasy, Literary criticism and history, Bibliography. Career: University of California, Riverside, library asst, 1988-91; Waymark, editor, 1988-89; Angel Enterprises, Tempe, AZ, founder, editor, and publisher, 1988-; Dragon's Lair Bookstore, special projects coordinator, 1988-94; Borgo Press, stock manager, editorial assistant, editor, senior editor, contributing editor, 1989-99; America West Airlines, reservations agent, 1993-94; SFRA Press, editor, 1993-; Todd Publishing, editor, 1993-94; Sirius Publishing, technical writer, 1994-95; Motion Pixels, technical writer, 1995; Xenos Books, asst editor, 1995-. Film, television, and stage actor. Publications: The Environmental Inspector's Guide to … The National Environmental Policy Act, 1995, The Clean Air Act, 1995, The Clean Water Act, 1995, The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act, 1995, The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, 1995, The Occupational Safety and Health Act, 1995, The Environmental Protection and Community Right-to-Know Act, 1995, Comprehensive Guidelines, 1995. EDITOR: (with C. Hakim and F. McConnel) Full Frontal Poetry, 1991; K. Prueter, One Day with God, rev. ed., 1991; (with R. Reginald) Reginald's Science Fiction and Fantasy Awards, 1991, 3rd ed., 1993; (assoc.) R. Reginald, Science Fiction & Fantasy Literature, 1975-1991, 1992; J. Gunn, Inside Science Fiction, 1992; P. Harbottle and S. Holland, Vultures of the Void, 1992; (with M. and M.A. Burgess) The State & Province Vital Records Guide, 1993; (with R. Ewald and J. Gordon) Science Fiction Research Association Annual Directory 1993, 1993; (with K. Pruter and P. Seldis) A. Young, The Russian Orthodox Church outside Russia, 1993; G. Cox, The Transylvanian Library, 1993; (with S. Burgess) S. Coblentz and J. Elliot, Adventures of a Freelancer, 1993; B. Indick, Geo. Alec Effinger, 1993; (with D. Salwak) F. Bachelder, Mary Roberts Rinehart, 1993; D. Mogen, Wilderness Visions, 2nd ed., 1993; (with D. Salwak and P. Seldis) M. Byrne, Dragons & Martinis, 1993; C. Zlotchew, Libido into Literature, 1993; (P. Seldis and J. Gurley) S. Potts, The Price of Paradise, 1993; (with N. Kravetz) B. Ginsburg, A Wayfarer in a World in Upheaval, 1993; International Society of Meeting Planners 1993 Directory of Members & Industry Professionals, 1993; Association of Construction Inspectors 1993-1994 Director of Members & Industry Professionals, 1993; (with J. Hewett) The Work of Jack Vance, 1994; (with A. Mallett) The Work of Elizabeth Chater, 1994; 1994 Directory of Designated Members, 1994; Federal and State Environmental Agencies Directory, 1994; The Complete Guide of Environmental Inspection Forms, 1994; Environmental Assessment Association Directory of Members, 1994; (with M. Burgess) P. Harbottle and S. Holland, British Science Fiction Paperbacks and Magazines, 1949-1956, 1994; D.Schweitzer, Speaking of Horror, 1994; (with B. Clarke) W. Bamberger, The Work of William Eastlake, 1994; B. Stableford, Firefly, 1994; (with D. Salwak) K. Ferres, Christopher Isherwood, 1994; K. Pobi-Asamani, W.E.B. DuBois, 1994; (with D. Salwak) A. Warren, Roald Dahl, 2nd ed., 1994; W. Free, Christopher Hampton, 1994; B. Burgess, Street Kids & Other Plays, 1995; (with M.A. Burgess and X. Zhang) R. Goehlert and A. Stamtoplos, The Chinese Economy, 1995; (with M. Wolf) Imaginative Futures, 1995; (with G. Lovisi) Other Worlds #6, 1996; E. Tubb, Pandora's Box, 1996; (with P. Sargent) G. Zebrowski, Beneath the Red Star, 1996; G. Westfahl, Islands in the Sky, 1996; N. Wilgus, Seven by Seven, 1996; H. Masur, Shroud Me Not, 1996; F. Hamilton and L. Hullar, Amazing Pulp Heroes, 1996; (wtih G. Lovisi) Hardboiled #22, 1996; G. Lovisi, Sarasha, 1997; H. Browne, Murder Wears a Halo, 1997; M. Avallone, Mitzi, 1997; W. Nolan, The Brothers Challis, 1997; G. Kern, Letters from Dwight, 1998; E. Tubb, Alien Life, 1998; J. Williamson, The Fortress of Utopia, 1998; (with G. Lovisi) Hardboiled #24, 1998; D. Wilcox and D. Reed, The Whispering Gorilla, 1999; J. Fearn, The Slitherers, 1999; J. Fearn, Lord of Atlantis, 1999; Hero-Lore #1, 1999; G. Lovisi, The Gargoyle, 2000; (with H. Hall) Pilgrims & Pioneers, 2001. FORTHCOMING: G. Lovisi, Sherlock Holmes; B. Burgess, Wail!; (with G. Lovisi) Pulp Crime Classics; (with G. Kern) L. Lunts, Things in Revolt!; G. Kern, Polygraph; G. Kern, Arpartments; G. Kern, After Dwight. Contributor to anthologies and periodicals. Address: Angel Enterprises, PO Box 172, 1959 S. Power Rd., Mesa, AZ 85206-4397, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]