Mallebranche (ca. 1618)

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Mallebranche (ca. 1618)

Seventeenth-century Frenchman haunted by his dead wife. Mallebranche was a marker of the game of tennis, living in the Rue Sainte-Geneviève, Paris, who in 1618 was visited by an apparition of his wife, who had died five years before. She came to advise him to repent and live a better life and to pray for her also. Both Mallebranche and his wife (for he had married a second time) heard the voice, but the apparition did not become visible.


Histoire nouvelle et remarquable de l'esprit d'une femme qui c'est apparue au Faubourg Saint-Marcel après qu'elle a demeué cinq ans entiers ensevelie; elle a parlé a son mari, lui a commandé de faire prier pour elle, ayant commencé de parler le mardi II Decembre, 1618. Paris, 1618.

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