Madeleine 1950

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Madeleine ★★½ The Strange Case of Madeleine 1950

Courtroom drama of woman charged with poisoning her French lover in 1850s Scotland. Directed by the same David Lean who made “Bridge on the River Kwai” and “Lawrence of Arabia.” Here, though, he was merely trying to provide a vehicle for his wife, actress Todd. Intrigued? 114m/B VHS, DVD . Ann Todd, Leslie Banks, Ivan Desny, Norman Wooland, Barbara Everest, Susan Stranks, Patricia Raine, Elizabeth Sellars, Edward Chapman, Jean Cadell, Eugene Deckers, Amy Veness, John Laurie, Henry Edwards, Ivor Barnard, Barry Jones, David Morne, Andre Morell; D: David Lean; W: Nicholas Phipps, Stanley Haynes; C: Guy Green; M: William Alwyn.