Macleod, Charlotte (Matilda)

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MACLEOD, Charlotte (Matilda)

MACLEOD, Charlotte (Matilda). Also writes as Alisa Craig, Matilda Hughes. American (born Canada), b. 1922. Genres: Mystery/Crime/ Suspense, Children's fiction, Paranormal, Young adult fiction. Career: President, American Crime Writers League, 1989-91. Publications: Mystery of the White Knight, 1964; Next Door to Danger, 1965; The Fat Lady's Ghost, 1968; Mouse's Vineyard (juvenile), 1968; Ask Me No Questions, 1971; Brass Pounder (juvenile), 1971; Astrology for Sceptics (non-fiction), 1972; King Devil, 1978; Rest You Merry, 1978; The Family Vault, 1979; The Luck Runs Out, 1979; We Dare Not Go a-Hunting, 1980; The Withdrawing Room, 1980; The Palace Guard, 1981; Wrack and Rune, 1982; Cirak's Daughter (juvenile), 1982; The Bilbao Looking Glass, 1983; Something the Cat Dragged In, 1983; Maid of Honor (juvenile), 1984; The Convivial Codfish, 1984; The Curse of the Giant Hogweed, 1985; The Plain Old Man, 1985; Grab Bag, 1987; The Corpse in Oozak's Pond, 1987; The Recycled Citizen, 1988; The Silver Ghost, 1988; Vane Pursuit, 1989; (ed.) Mistletoe Mysteries, 1989; The Gladstone Bag, 1990; (ed.) Christmas Stalking, 1991; An Owl Too Many, 1991; The Resurrection Man, 1992; Something in the Water, 1994; Had She but Known: A Biography of Mary Roberts Rinehart, 1994; The Odd Job, 1995. AS ALISA CRAIG: A Pint of Murder, 1980; The Grub-and-Stakers Move a Mountain, 1981; Murder Goes Mumming, 1981; The Terrible Tide, 1983; The Grub and Stakers Quilt a Bee, 1985; The Grub and Stakers Pinch a Poke, 1988; Trouble in the Brasses, 1989; The Grub and Stakers Spin a Yarn, 1990; The Wrong Rite, 1992; The Grub and Stakers House a Haunt, 1993. AS MATILDA HUGHES: The Food of Love, 1965; Headlines for Caroline, 1967.

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Macleod, Charlotte (Matilda)

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