Macksey, K(enneth) J(ohn)

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MACKSEY, K(enneth) J(ohn)

MACKSEY, K(enneth) J(ohn). British, b. 1923. Genres: Romance/ Historical, History, Military/Defense/Arms control, Biography. Career: Officer, Royal Tank Regiment, British Army, 1941, until retirement with rank of Maj. in 1968; Deputy Ed., History of the Second World War, and History of the First World War, Purnell, London, 1968-70. Publications: The Shadow of Vimy Ridge, 1965; To the Green Fields Beyond, 1965; Armoured Crusader: General Sir Percy Hobart, 1967; Afrika Korps, 1968; Panzer Division, 1968; Crucible of Power: The Fight for Tunisia, 1969; Tank Force, 1970; Tank: A History of AFVs, 1970; Tank Warfare, 1971; Beda Fomm, 1971; The Guinness History of Land Sea, Air Warfare, 3 vols., 1973-76; Battle (in U.S. as Anatomy of a Battle; novel), 1974; The Partisans of Europe in the Second World War, 1975; The Guinness Guide to Feminine Achievements, 1975; Guderian, Panzer General, 1975; The Guinness Book of 1952, 1953, 1954, 3 vols., 1977-79; Kesselring, 1978, rev. ed., 1996; Rommel's Campaigns and Battles, 1979; The Tanks, vol. 3 of the History of the Royal Tank Regiment, 1979; Invasion: The German Invasion of England, July, 1940, 1980; The Tank Pioneers, 1981; History of the Royal Armoured Corps, 1914-1975, 1983; Commando Strike, 1985; First Clash, 1985; Technology in War, 1986; Godwin's Saga, 1987; Military Errors of World War 2, 1987; Tank versus Tank, 1988; For Want of a Nail, 1990; Penguin Encyclopedia of Military History, 1991; Penguin Encyclopedia of Weapons and Technology, 1993; The Hitler Options, 1995; From Triumph to Disaster, 1996; Turning Points (memoirs), 1998; Without Enigma, 2000; Why the Germans Lose at War, 2000; They Never Looked Back, 2002; The Searchers, 2003.

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Macksey, K(enneth) J(ohn)

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