Llewellyn, Sam

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LLEWELLYN, Sam. British, b. 1948. Genres: Novels, Mystery/Crime/Suspense, Romance/Historical, Children's fiction, Marine sciences/Oceanography. Career: Musician, writer, Campaigner. Director of Arch Books. Publications: THRILLERS: Dead Reckoning, 1988, Blood Orange, 1989; Death Roll, 1990; Dead Eye, 1991; Blood Knot, 1992; Riptide, 1994; Clawhammer, 1994; Maelstorm, 1995; Storm Force from Navarone, 1996; The Shadow in the Sands, 1998. CHILDREN'S BOOKS: Pegleg, 1989; Pig in the Middle, 1989; The Rope School, 1994; The Magic Boathouse, 1995; The Polecat Cafe, 1996. OTHER: Gurney's Revenge, 1978; Gurney's Reward, 1979; Gurney's Release, 1979; Hell Bay (novel), 1980; The Last Will and Testament of Robert Louis Stevenson, 1981; Yacky dar Moy Bewty!: A Phrasebook for the Regions of Britain (with Irish Supplement), 1985; Small Parts in History (nonfiction), 1985; The Worst Journey in the Midlands (nonfiction), 1985; Great Circle, 1987; The Sea Garden, 2000; The Malpas Legacy, 2001. Address: c/o Law, 14 Vernon St, London W14 0RJ, England. Online address: [email protected]