The Lives of a Bengal Lancer

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The Lives of a Bengal Lancer ★★★★ 1935

One of Hollywood's greatest rousing adventures. Based in northwest India, Lt. McGregor (Cooper) is a seasoned frontier fighter in the Bengals Lancers who befriends new officer Lt. Forsythe (Tone). Also new to the regiment is Donald Stone (Cromwell), the son of the current commanding officer (Standing). All three will soon test their courage when the Brits encounter a vicious local revolution against colonial rule. Swell plot, lotsa action, great comraderie. Based on the novel by Major Francis Yeats-Brown, and remade in 1939 as “Geronimo.” 110m/B VHS, DVD . Gary Cooper, Franchot Tone, Richard Cromwell, Guy Standing, Sir C. Aubrey Smith, Douglass Dumbrille, Kathleen Burke, Noble Johnson, Lumsden Hare, Akim Tamiroff, J. Carrol Naish, Monte Blue, Ray Cooper, Leonid Kinskey, George Regas, Reginald (Reggie, Reggy) Sheffield, Mischa Auer, Charles Stevens, James Warwick, Clive Morgan, Colin Tapley, Rollo Lloyd, Maj. Sam Harris; D: Henry Hathaway; W: Waldemar Young, John Lloyd Balderston, Grover Jones, William Slavens McNutt; C: Charles B(ryant) Lang Jr.; M: Milan Roder.

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The Lives of a Bengal Lancer

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