Lengyel, Cornel (Adam)

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LENGYEL, Cornel (Adam)

LENGYEL, Cornel (Adam). Also writes as Cornel Adam. American, b. 1915. Genres: Plays/Screenplays, Poetry, History, Biography, Philosophy. Career: Founder, executive editor, Dragon's Teeth Press, 1969-. Lecturer in English Literature, California State University, California, 1962-63. Manager, Forty-Niner Theatre, Georgetown, California, 1946-49; Visiting Lecturer and Writer-in-Residence, Hamline University, St. Paul, Minnesota 1968-69; Visiting Lecturer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, 1970. Publications: Thirty Pieces, 1933; The World's My Village, 1935; Jonah Fugitive, 1936; The Giant's Trap, 1938; First Psalms, 1950; The Atom Clock, 1951; Eden Inc., 1954, as Omega, 1963; American Testament: The Story of a Promised Land, 1956; Four Days in July, 1958; I, Benedict Arnold: The Anatomy of Treason, 1960; Presidents of the USA, 1961; Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys, 1961; Will of Stratford, 1964; Three Plays, 1964; Fifty Poems, 1965; The Declaration of Independence, 1969; Four Dozen Songs, 1970; The Lookout's Letter, 1971; The Creative Self: Aspects of Man's Quest and the Springs of Creativity, 1971; Doctor Franklin, 1976; The Master Plan, 1978; The Case of Jesus, 1980; Views of the Jews, 1982; Mengele's Passover, 1986; Manimal's Dilemma: An Appraisal of Man's Evolutionary Past and Future, 1989; Essay on Senescence: The Courage to Grow Old, 1989; A Parcel of Fables, 1990; Malunkyaputta, 1992; Brief Essays, 1993; Advice to a Future Poet & Other Poems, 1996. Address: Adam's Acres West, El Dorado National Forest, 7700 Wentworth Springs Road, Georgetown, CA 95634, U.S.A.