Lefebure, Molly

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LEFEBURE, Molly. British. Genres: Novels, Criminology/True Crime, Geography, Biography. Career: Professional Writer. Publications: Evidence for the Crown, 1955; Murder with a Difference, 1958; The Lake District, 1963; Scratch and Co., 1968; The Hunting of Wilberforce Pike, 1970; Cumberland Heritage, 1971; The Loona Balloona, 1974; Samuel Taylor Coleridge: A Bondage of Opium, 1974; Cumbrian Discovery, 1977; The Bondage of Love: A Life of Mrs. Samuel Taylor Coleridge, 1986; The Illustrated Lake Poets, 1987; Blitz!, 1988; Thunder in the Sky, 1991; Thomas Hardy's World, 1996. Address: c/o Watson Little Ltd, Capo di Monte, Windmill Hill, London NW3 6RJ, England.

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Lefebure, Molly

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