Leasor, (Thomas) James

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LEASOR, (Thomas) James

LEASOR, (Thomas) James. Also writes as Andrew MacAllan. British, b. 1923. Genres: Mystery/Crime/Suspense, History, Biography, Novels, Novellas/Short stories. Career: Director, Pagoda Films Ltd., 1959-. Director, Jason Love Ltd., 1964-. Reporter, Kentish Times, Sidcup, 1941-42; Reporter, and Columnist (as William Hickey), Feature Writer and Foreign Correspondent, Daily Express, London, 1948-55; Editorial Adviser and Consultant, George Newnes and C. Arthur Pearson Ltd., London, 1955-69; Director, Elm Tree Books Ltd., London, 1970-73. Publications: NOVELS: Not Such a Bad Day, 1946; The Strong Delusion, 1950; NTR: Nothing to Report, 1955; Follow the Drum, 1972; Mandarin-Gold, 1973; Jade Gate, 1976; The Unknown Warrior, 1980, in US as Code Name Nimrod, 1981. SUSPENSE NOVELS: Passport to Oblivion, 1964, Passport to Peril (in US as Spylight), 1966; Passport in Suspense, 1967 (in US as The Yang Meridian, 1968); Passport for a Pilgrim, 1968; They Don't Make Them Like That Any More, 1969; A Week of Love (short stories), 1969; Never Had a Spanner on Her, 1970; Love-All, 1971; Host of Extras, 1973; The Chinese Widow, 1975; Love and the Land Beyond, 1979; Open Secret, 1982; Ship of Gold, 1984; Tank of Serpents, 1986; Frozen Assets, 1989; Love Down Under, 1993; Speculator, 1993; Traders, 1994. OTHER: The Monday Story, 1951; Author by Profession, 1952; Wheels of Fortune: A Brief Account of the Life and Times of William Morris, Viscount Nuffield, 1954; The Serjeant Major: A Biography of R.S.M. Ronald Brittain, 1955; The Red Fort, 1956 (in UK, Mutiny at the Red Fort, 1959); (with K. Burt) The One That Got Away, 1956; The Millionth Chance: The Story of the R.101, 1957; War at the Top (in US as The Clock with Four Hands), 1959; (with P. Eton) Conspiracy of Silence (in US as Wall of Silence), 1960; The Plague and the Fire, 1961; Rudolf Hess, The Uninvited Envoy (in US as The Uninvited Envoy), 1962; Singapore: The Battle That Changed the World, 1968; Look Where I'm At! (play), 1971; Green Beach, 1975; Boarding Party, 1978; X-Troop, 1980; Who Killed Sir Henry Oakes?, 1983; The Marine from Mandalay, 1988; Cecil Rhodes and Barney Barnato, 1997. AS ANDREW MacALLAN: Succession, 1989; Generation, 1990; Diamond Hard, 1991; Fanfare, 1992. Address: Swallowcliffe Manor, Salisbury, Wilts. SP3 5PB, England.