Le Sexe des Etoiles

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Le Sexe des Etoiles ★★ The Sex of the Stars 1993

Curiously uninvolving film about 12-year-old Camille who discovers that the father who abandoned her is now a transsexual. Pierre walked out years before and Camille has always dreamed of his return but though they reach a tentative relationship, it's not what Camille hoped for. Title refers to Camille's obsession with astronomy because stars have no sex. Based on the novel by Proulx (who also wrote the screenplay). In French with English subtitles. 100m/C VHS . CA Marianne-Coquelicot Mercier, Denis Mercier, Tobie Pelletier, Sylvie Drapeau; D: Paule Baillargeon; W: Monique Proulx; C: Eric Cayla. Genie ‘93: Sound.