Le Trou

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Le Trou ★★★★ The Hole; The Night Watch; Il Buco 1959

Four long-term convicts in a Paris prison cell are planning to escape by tunneling to freedom. Then, a fifth prisoner joins them—is he going to betray them? Or is there already a Judas amongst the men? Based on a true story, the film has no musical score in order to heighten the tension and the actors were all nonprofessionals. Becker died in 1960; this is his final film. French with subtitles. 123m/B VHS, DVD . FR Phillippe LeRoy, Marc Michel, Catherine Spaak, Andre Bervil, Michel Constantin, Jean-Paul Coquelin, Jean Keraudy, Raymond Meunier, Eddy Rasimi, Dominique Zardi; D: Jacques Becker; W: Jacques Becker, Jose Giovanni, Jean Aurel; C: Ghislan Cloquet.