Le Polygraphe

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Le Polygraphe ★★ The Lie Detector 1996

Francois (Goyette) is still a suspect in the murder of his girfriend, Marie-Claire, two years after her death. The murder has so affected her friend Judith (Descenes) that she's written a screenplay about the unsolved crime (blaming the crime on a rogue cop). Meanwhile, actress Lucie (Brassard), who auditions for the role of Marie-Claire, gets involved with mystery man Christof (Stormare). English and French with subtitles. 97m/C VHS . CA Patrick Goyette, Jose Descenes, Marie Brassard, Peter Stormare, Maria De Medeiros; D: Robert Lepage; W: Marie Brassard, Robert Lepage; C: Georges Dufaux.